WKOK Sunrise Thursday 6/29/17:

6:10am and 7:40am: Tom Wolf, Pennsylvania Governor D-PA.), in the Ask the Governor program with Brad Christman and Rachel McDevitt, on the revenue problem in Pennsylvania, depletion of the rainy day fund, and the need for tax reform (Recorded…part two of four).

7:10am: Dawn Marie Benfer, volunteer with Sunbury Revitalization Inc., a co-chair of Sunbury River Festival, and Cory Fasold, past president of Sunbury Revitalization Inc. and volunteer with SRI’s Lake Augusta Wine & Brew Festival. The Wine and Brew festival is Sept. 16, 1pm-5pm at the Sunbury River Front. We’ll talk about the planning for the festival, the call for vendors, and other updates.

On The Mark with co-host Mike Molesevich:

8:30am to 10:00am: Open phones. We’ll talk about Billy Allred’s 10 reasons we don’t need zoning. Mike thinks we do need zoning. We’ll also discuss the Harrisburg debacles, and the GOP Health Care plan.

  1. Zoning violates property rights
  2. Zoning is theft.
  3. Zoning doesn’t eliminate undesirable uses but rather moves them
  4. Zoning thwarts the normal legislative process
  5. Zoning has unintended consequences
  6. Zoning centralizes power and encourages corruption
  7. Zoning isn’t required for stable development
  8. Zoning is discriminatory and encourages prejudice
  9. Zoning eliminates common sense
  10. Zoning exchanges civilized persuasion for uncivilized coercion

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf (D-Pa.) answers questions posted by Brad Christman, Rachel McDevitt, and listener emails. They discuss capital security, the new pension law, budget, increasing revenue, tax reform legislation, new cigarette taxes, a natural gas severance tax, and other listener questions.

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