Why so many trees cut down in Northumberland

NORTHUMBERLAND – A lot of people are wondering why so many trees are being cut down or extensively trimmed in Northumberland—and who is going to replace those trees.

PennDOT spokesman Dave Thompson tells WKOK there are three criteria being used during the Northumberland Duke Street project. They are, do the branches interfere with the right of way, and will the branches interfere with tall trucks, and is the tree in the curbing reconstruction area.

Thompson says the tree branches have to allow 12 to 14 foot tall trucks to pass without damage, so tree branches 15 feet and lower are being removed. He said during the work some of the trucks will be driving on the shoulder parking area, so they have to widen the scope of the road.

During the project, new curbing will be installed at some locations, so tree trunks that are on the existing curbing, and in the right of way, have to be removed. Additionally, he said, “We are removing trees within the reconstruction area due to the depth of the excavation and damage the excavation will cause to the tree root systems.”


Dozens of large trees have been cut down and Thompson said, he didn’t know what kind of trees will be used for the replacements, but more urban appropriate trees will be used to replace every tree that is cut down.

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