What your “gut feeling” is telling you

SUNBURY — Do you have a ‘gut feeling’ that feels good? How your ‘gut feels’ has a big impact on your health and wellbeing, so says Beth Stark, registered dietician at Weis Markets, “People are just starting to realize that there’s this connection with how well your gut is nourished and you may feel. It can also be linked to various types of other health conditions, including obesity, diabetes and so forth, absorption of nutrients of course, digestive issues”


Stark explains that good gut health can be established simply by the foods you eat, and that you may be already eating them, “So if you’re eating a banana with your breakfast, know that you’re actually doing some good for your gut. Onions, garlic, leaks, asparagus, apples, beans, and whole grain foods. So again, if you’re having whole grain toast or an English muffin or something, something like that would be a source of prebiotics.”


Pre-biotic foods are the foods that contain the fiber that feed the good bacteria in your gut. Probiotics are the actual living bacteria in your gut, and Beth Stark lets us in on a few of the foods that contain Probiotics, “Kimchi, it’s like an Asian, spicy cabbage, it’s in our produce department. Sauerkraut, now we do want to say that you want to choose refrigerated Sauerkraut over canned Sauerkraut. Canned has been pasteurized so then that good bacteria is no longer active in the can.”


Stark says that in general, having a healthy balanced diet, and staying away from too many saturated fats, trans fats and added sugar are good for a healthy gut.

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