Learn what you need to know about municipal government

LEWISBURG— The League of Women Voters of the Lewisburg area is trying to get an apathetic public interested in local politics with their town hall series. The league is hosting their next forum, Wednesday night at the St. John’s United Church in Lewisburg, part of their four part series on civic education.

Teri MacBride, with the League of Women Voters, “We are going to start off with Preston Boop, County Commissioner talking about what does county government do in Union County, and then we are going to look at 14 different local government entities in Union County. We have representatives from Mifflinburg and Lewisburg. We are really hoping that people attend the forum and bring questions with them about what services do my local government entities provide to me.”


The purpose of this forum is to get people interested in local elections says MacBride, “There is a lot of apathy about government services and a lot of people don’t turn out to vote and the election in November is really primary local seats. We want our citizens in the area to understand why it so important that they turn out to vote and this is part of the effort to do that.”


The town hall kicks off at 7 pm Wednesday at 1050 Buffalo Road in Lewisburg. This forum is part two of the series and there will also be events October 10 and November 15. We will preview the next two events on WKOK Sunrise.

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