What can be done to address growing broadband issue

LEWISBURG – Getting high speed internet everywhere in The Valley is a major concern for economic leaders. At a Legislative Breakfast held by the Greater Susquehanna Valley and Central Pennsylvania Chambers of Commerce Friday, Erin Molchany, Southwest Regional Director for Governor Tom Wolf, said the Wolf Administration is trying to work with the FCC to get $139 million available for projects.

State Representative Fred Keller (R-85th, Kreamer) says the government needs to make things easier for Verizon, “Part of it was because of the regulations and things that they would’ve had to do additionally to access that money and when we look at doing these things and if we’re going to take this seriously, we need to make and encourage the investment without so many government regulations and strings attached to do that.”

Keller also took exception to claims by Governor Wolf regarding what the governor says he has accomplished financially for the state, “The governor hasn’t signed a budget, so I don’t know how he’s going around taking credit for things he didn’t accomplish. In fact, the only budget he signed was the end of December 2015 where he cut $3 billion of education and we had to restore it.”

Molchany says despite the struggles, the Wolf Administration still has a goal to have affordable and accessible broadband (or high speed internet) services, for all Pennsylvania residents by 2022.

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