VIDEO: Plants are Cool, Too! Shikellamy bluff reveals rare plant

Rare plant species found at Shikellamy overlook

Big discovery found at Shikellamy overlook




SUNBURY – A discovery of an extremely rare plant species has been found in the Valley. A very rare and globally endangered plant species called the white alumroot was found at the Shikellamy State Park Overlook recently.


The discovery was featured on Bucknell’s latest ‘Plants are Cool, Too!’ video segment, “And this is a close relative of the really common garden perennial called Coral Bells. What we came across was a super rare species that’s native here, but no one knew until we began working on this video last summer.”


That’s Dr. Chris Martine, Biology Professor at Bucknell University who’s featured in the video. Also in on the project is Dr. Scott Schuette, Inventory Manager of the Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program at Western Pennsylvania Conservancy.


Dr. Schuette talks about just how rare this plant species is, “There were only 23 populations known throughout all of the world. So if you think about that, that’s not very many. And they are restricted to the Appalachian Mountains, and specifically the Region Valley Province of the Appalachian Mountains. Now we’re up to about 31 populations.”


You can hear more from Martine and Schuette’s WKOK Sunrise interview at

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