Valley church to talk about celiac disease and other health issues

SUNBURY— A presentation is coming up soon all about dairy and gluten intolerance, about how many people are affected and what they can do.  Some of the presentation will come from Lynn James, Senior Extension Educator at Penn State Extension, Northumberland County. She was on WKOK Sunrise this week talking about celiac disease and dairy intolerance.

James says people with gluten or dairy intolerance may experience symptoms of malnutrition, “Research shows about one in 100 folks have actually celiac disease or a true intolerance to gluten. That person then has a really hard time digesting food, and specifically they have a hard time absorbing other macro and micro nutrients like calcium, iron, some of the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K.”

James will be giving a presentation on maintaining and improving nutrition with food allergies, at the St. Paul’s UCC in the Herndon area. She’ll be part of a food intolerance forum called, “What can I eat? Gluten-free/dairy- free cooking in a pizza filled world.”

Marie Kehler is the organizer for the upcoming event, “I just wanted the bird of the feather out there to know that there are more of us here and let’s get together and share information of how we can navigate this world that seemingly every food we pick up has flour it has dairy in it.  We are hoping to give a little relief to people that really have to navigate the mine field of foods we cannot tolerate anymore.”

This free workshop is part of a yearlong series of community events sponsored by St. Paul‘s UCC and will be held next weekend, March 25 from 10am –12 pm. To register for the event call (570)758-1860.

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