US Sen. Casey to WKOK: We need gun law collaboration

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are leading a movement for tighter gun control in the country. Democratic U.S. Senator Bob Casey talked to WKOK on last week’s shooting and what can be done to tighten gun control.

He says lawmakers can build on students’ rally, “I hope that will look back on this 25 years from now as a tipping point where young people started to move the country in the direction of taking action on common sense measures, reduce the likelihood of mass shootings, and at the same time have nothing to do with and have no adverse impact on the second amendment for law-abiding folks who are hunting or law-abiding folks who need a weapon for protection.”

Addressing mental health issues in the US has also become a big topic as to why mass shootings have occurred lately.

Senator Casey says while it could be a factor, the issue is more than mental health, “I think it’s a subject of a lot of bi-partisan agreement. But sometimes people use that, at least people in Washington, use that as an excuse to take further action. You can’t end with that. That will nowhere near solve the problem.”

And when it comes to limiting gun access in Pennsylvania, Senator Casey says state lawmakers need to find a way to work together on this issue like they’ve done in the past, “Democrats and Republicans recognize the problem, they knew they had technology to bear on it, and I hope they would do similar things with a Republican legislature and with Governor Wolf, who I’m sure will do everything he can to work with the general assembly to reduce the likelihood of having these kinds of horrific incidents.”

You can also hear reaction from Republican U.S. Congressman Tom Marino at and in a future story. He was a guest on WKOK’s On The Mark.


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