Watsontown PD: ‘No harm, no foul’ in child luring incident


UPDATE/CORRECTION: The woman involved in this incident was not driving, she was a passenger in the vehicle involved. WKOK erroneous said she was ‘driving her car’ in this incident. That is not accurate. An updated version is below.


WATSONTOWN — Police have identified a woman suspected of trying to lure a child into a vehicle in Watsontown on Wednesday.  Watsontown police say the woman suffers from a mental disability and will not be charged in the case, and the case is now closed.


On Wednesday, three children were playing outside, when a woman in a passing car, got out and tried to get a child to come with her in her vehicle.  The children ran to a nearby home.  Police were contacted and the investigation into an attempted child luring began.  Police have not identified the woman involved.  (Ali Stevens)

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