U.S. Senator Toomey: Middle class, business benefits from GOP Bill

SUNBURY – Tax cuts for the middle class and keeping American businesses competitive. Those are two of the goals of the GOP tax bill says Republican U.S. Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA).

The Senator joined WKOK’s On The Mark Tuesday and says the bill still prioritizes working class families getting a tax break, “One simple way is by virtually doubling the amount of income that’s not budgeted to any income taxes at all. So a married couple can deduct the first $24,000 of their income and pay no tax on it whatsoever.”

Senator Toomey stressed, anyone who votes against the bill would be voting against lower tax bills  for the overwhelming majority of the people he represents…but it’s the lowering the US Corporate tax rates that will have the global affect—benefiting the US, “I do see the benefit also of making sure our businesses can compete. It’s a global economy now. Most people work for a company that has competition that can be almost anywhere in the world, except for certain service industries. So we want to make sure our workers and our  businesses can compete.”

You can hear more of Senator Toomey’s comments on the GOP bill from On The Mark at WKOK.com. (Matt Catrillo)

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