Update: U.S. Senator calls on President to withdraw Marino’s nomination

WASHINGTON D.C. – President Trump is receiving calls from Congress to rescind Congressman Tom Marino’s nomination for drug czar. Business Insider reports Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia sent a letter to the President today asking him to withdraw Marino’s nomination.


Both the Washington Post, and CBS News, is reporting on the US Congress, and specifically US Congressman Tom Marino, and their close ties to the opioid industry. Congressman Marino is named in both investigative reports, as an individual who is supporting both the opioid industry, and the fight against opioids leading to hundreds of overdose deaths in his 10th District.


CBS’s 60 Minutes detailed what it termed collusion between Congress and the industry, and this close relationship between Marino and the opioid industry is one factor in Marino’s being named the drugs czar nominee. WKOK has contacted the Congressman’s office for a comment.



We have links to the stories from CBS news on the Washington Post (https://goo.gl/7FJ9mr) , and 60 Minutes (https://goo.gl/kGdejC) and Business Insider (https://goo.gl/jmFQmhat)

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