Two new books set to make debuts

SUNBURY – Two new books are written by Valley authors, one is called ‘The Land,’ the other called ‘This Land.’    One new book has hit the shelf, and another is almost ready for its debut in The Valley. The first book is “The Land” by Steve and Martha Huddy of Lycoming County. The book is about what they call the theft of thousands of acres of Union County farmland and the community of Alvira. The land was taken by the federal government for war purposes in the 1940’s.

Martha Huddy talked about all the research that went into writing the book, “Gathering the information began with interviewing people who had participated in the event. Then we went to the archives in Philadelphia and College Park, MD to gather more information from the Army Corps of engineers documents.”

“The Land” is on sale now at the Union County Historical Society, Otto’s Book Store in Williamsport, and the Muncy Historical Society. Only 75 copies are available to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the event.

The second book is “This Land,” which is not yet on sale. It’s written by The Reverend Bob Andrews, retired pastor at Grove Presbyterian Church. He says the book is based on the famous song, “This Land Is Your Land” by Woody Guthrie, “No. 1 there is a Pennsylvania connection to that song. No. 2 people don’t really know why they wrote it. And also, two of the stanzas are not ordinarily sung.  He wrote it as a repost to Erving Berlin’s ‘God Bless America’.”

Because he uses some of the song’s lyrics in the book, Andrews is still waiting for full copywrite permission to release the book. You can listen to more of Huddy’s and Andrews’ WKOK Sunrise interviews at (Matt Catrillo)

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