Registered Dietitian’s tip for good holiday eating: Eat mindfully

SUNBURY – You don’t always have to feel stuffed after enjoying a holiday meal, say two Registered Dieticians on WKOK Sunrise recently. They were there to provide tips about mindful eating this holiday season.

Beth Stark, Weis Markets Manager of Lifestyle Initiatives says slowing down when eating can be a big help, “Put your fork down in between bites if you can, take each bite very slowly, and chew thoroughly before you swallow and move on to the next step.”

Healthy Living Coordinator Kathryn Long suggests focusing on some of the special treats you only get during the holidays, not eating as much of the other foods you can eat any other time of year.

Another tip from Stark tells you how to distinguish when you feel full, “I think that’s one we all tend to overlook, especially for eating quickly. So eating to the point that your belly is nice and pleasantly full and you don’t feel over full like maybe at Thanksgiving.”

Both Stark and Long say if you happen to not follow these guidelines during the holidays not to worry. You can simply get back to your normal eating habits the next day, and be sure to get physical activity into your daily routine. (Matt Catrillo)

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