Think Big Pediatric Cancer Fund looking for some community fundraising

SUNBURY — When a child is diagnosed with pediatric cancer, there are often many financial challenges that go along with the medical demands of treating cancer.  Dr. Colby Wesner created the Think Big Pediatric Cancer Fund.


Dr. Wesner said, “Think Big was started primarily to financially support the pediatric cancer patients and their families here in our area who are treated at the Geisinger Janet Weis Children’s Hospital.  We know when a family unfortunately gets diagnosed with pediatric cancer, that’s going to be very devastating news to them, and then what will likely ensue is financial stresses that accompany taking care of a kid that has pediatric cancer.  There will be multiple medical appointments, medical hospital admissions and a primary caregiver usually takes a leave of absence from employment.”


Dr. Wesner says giving to the Think Big Pediatric Cancer Fund can make a big difference for a family, “Ninety-four cents out of every dollar we spend goes directly towards helping to financially support these families pay the rent, the mortgage, their utility bills, water bills and other out of pocket medical expenses.  When people donate to us or support us, that’s exactly where their money is going.”


Angela Brouse is a board member and volunteer for Think Big and says community groups can get involved in fundraising for the all volunteer non-profit organization, “We have worked with softball teams, field hockey teams who do tournaments, and they sell Think Big t-shirts and they make it a Think Big themed tournament.  We love to work with the groups so if there’s any athletic teams out there who want to be a part of it, send us a message or give us a call.  We love to be there and help you support the kids.  Any senior projects out there, students looking for a senior project, where they want to put together an event, there is a lot of great ideas and there has been a lot of successful fundraisers.”


You can find more information about Think Big on their Facebook page, Think Big Pediatric Cancer Fund.  You can also visit their website at to make a donation.  (Ali Stevens)

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