The Valley could have a new wetland park in the future

SUNBURY – The City of Sunbury could be home to a new wetland park, dog park and nature area in the years ahead. Sunbury City Council member Jim Eister said the land is along Sixth Street between Race and Line Streets. He says it was donated to the city by the Seiple Foundation.

Mayor Kurt Karlovich said they have a pretty ambitious vision, “If you’ve gone to like a main national park, this will just be a miniature version. You’re going to have a natural habitat that’s protected, you’re going to have a wooden boardwalk with a viewing area of the natural habitat, and you’re going to have different foot trails leading from all directions into the park. You’re going to have a fenced in dog community park at the one end, and you’re going to have a community picnic area.”

He said as soon as he found out about the property, he thought the city should take it on as a challenge that will benefit the entire Valley. He said they’ve only been working on the project for about a month, “We’re only in the information gathering stage, we’re trying to find out what the community needs actually are and how we can better utilize this property, so it can be multi-functional.”

Mayor Karlovich said the funding could be from different grants. He says they know of a program for free trees and they are hoping for many community contributions of funding, time and materials.  Councilman Eister said they’ll start cleaning up the site this summer, then they’ll consult experts at local universities for wetland information, and they’ll build the park in phases.

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