The status of The Valley’s great river

SUNBURY – ‘The state of the Susquehanna’ is good, but in peril, so said Carol Parenzan, the Middle Susquehanna River Keeper, was on WKOK’s Sunrise talking about the state of our great river.

She says on the plus side, there have been very positive improvements to the water quality, “The good news is we are seeing some nice improvements in the river. Things that we’ve noticed in decades past, a lot of  the visible pollution is no longer there. We’re seeing  levels of Nitrogen and Phosphorus starting to come down.”

Although those are great improvements, Parenzan says there are growing concerns in the water, “We are seeing a rise in what we are calling “contaminants of emerging concern.” Those are things such as endocrine disruptors, micro-plastics, pharmaceuticals, things you can’t necessarily see, visibly, with the naked eye, but are present in the water and are having an impact, not only on aquatic wildlife, but human water consumption.”


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