The Soroptimists are looking for girls for Dream It! Be It!

SUNBURY – The Valley Soroptimists club is looking for some young girls.   “Dream it, Be it” is an international curriculum that was developed based on a survey that was completed by high school girls around the world to promote careers. In the survey, it was discovered that girls needed more information to be successful in a career.

Jennifer Hain, Chairperson of “Dream it, Be it” locally told WKOK what this program will look like for a young woman, “Students will be participating with professional women in the community, making those mentoring type connections and working on achieving goals. Rising above obstacles and turning failures into success, which I think is huge, but there’s also a lot of failures along the way, and how do you cope with those failures.”

Karen Gehers, committee member says this program is important, to show young women that they can do anything, “Girls still grow up with the idea that maybe they are inferior to men, and they can’t achieve everything that they might want to achieve.”

Even with strong improvement for women in the workplace, especially in the US, Hain says there are still factors that hold women back, “I think a lot of it is culture. One of the things that came out of this survey, it that even though women make up 48% of the workforce, they still only hold 1% of the world’s wealth.”

She goes on to say that the areas of mathematics and science still lack a strong female presence, despite the improvements over the years.   Dream it, Be it will be held at the Susquehanna Country Club on Friday, November 3 from 8am – 2pm.

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