The Scratching Post, a new cat café in Lewisburg

LEWISBURG—The scratching post is a new café in Lewisburg where you can hangout with cats. All proceeds to the Lewisburg Cat Café will benefit feline rescues and the Scratching Post will also be a place to adopt a feline. Angie Brouse co-founder, says “We will be occupying space in the Lewisburg Pharmacy Building just off of downtown Lewisburg.”

She said, “It used to be the old Temperance House and we will be in the bottom floor of there. We will have two rooms, a cat room and a second room which will be a kitten room, where you make a donation to come in and hangout with  the cats.”

Brouse would like to make it clear the scratching post is not a feline rescue, “We are not a rescue the Scratching Post is an adoption platform. Every cat that comes into the café will come from one of our rescues that we work with.  It will be fully vetted, it will be tested, it will be socialized, and it will be colonized.”

The Lewisburg Cat Café is the first of its kind in our area, and doors are expected to be open in November. You can find out more information on Facebook at The Scratching Post – Lewisburg Cat Café. (Matt Catrillo)

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