The Puzzle is coming together in the Barbara Miller investigation

SUNBURY—The puzzle is coming together says Sunbury police chief Timothy Miller in a press release about the Barbara Miller investigation Monday. The long awaited release of information of what was found at 751 North Front Street in Milton revealed that police are looking in the right place.

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The team working on the Barbara Miller investigation discovered the presence of “wood chips” throughout the concrete walls that were removed from the residence in Milton. Chief Miller says this and other discoveries continue to confirm they are definitely looking in the right place.


Working with local police is world renowned forensic anthropologist, Dr. William Bass and Dr. Arpad Vass who is an expert in decomposition order analysis. The two have been working to deconstruct the walls microscopically piece by piece.

Chief Miller remains confident that the puzzle is coming together and he says it’s a matter of time until they get answers to what happened to Barbara Miller.

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