New List: 7 reasons your family MUST eat meals together

SUNBURY– With work, school activities, and sporting events families are increasingly eating fewer  meals together. September is Family Meals Month and Weis Markets Registered Dietician, Kathryn Long is stressing the importance of eating with the family. She says the benefits to children include:


  • Healthier eating habits into adulthood.
  • Better grades in school.
  • Better meal etiquette.
  • Enhanced social skills.
  • Less likely to become overweight.
  • Lower risk of eating disorders.
  • Less likely to engage in risky behaviors as teens and adults.


Registered Dietician Beth Stark knows your family’s day is pretty hectic and recommends to plan the meal around your schedules, “It doesn’t have to be the traditional five o’clock sit down, you really have to do what works for your family. Committing to maybe one more meal per week should be realistic.”

There is even a way to help fight hunger by having a family meal Stark says, “If you take a photo of your family dinning together, prepping a meal together, or maybe evening shopping together,  anything related to a family meal. Share that family meal photo on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using  #WeisFamilyMeals and we will donate $1 for every photo we collect using that hashtag. So, we are donating that to our fight hunger campaign.”



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