Sunbury tensions rise between police chief and mayor elect

SUNBURY— Even before his first day in office Mayor Elect Kurt Karlovich is coming under fire for an accusation made by Sunbury Police Chief Timothy Miller. It was a full house at City hall Monday night where Chief Miller made a statement, saying Mayor elect Karlovich asked him to pledge absolute loyalty. “ I have served as a police officer for over twenty years and I understand the importance of loyalty, however my loyalty lies in the oath I took and the people I serve. The mere fact that an elected official would feel the need to require a pledge of absolute loyalty in my professional opinion is corrupt and dangerous. I can not and will not sell my loyalty for the promise of future employment.”

Karlovich says the accusation only came about after he started asking question about how the police department is being run saying, “ I started asking questions about where our money is going, and then I started pulling out the flaws that are in our own police department, about personnel issues. Now all of a sudden the  police chief is accusing me of threatening him or something and threatening his job, and this is unfounded.”

The City is hiring a third party law firm out of Pittsburgh to investigate says Mayor David Persing, “ What this boils down to is accusations made by the Chief of Police tonight upon our newly elected Mayor and as and employer we have to investigate anybody’s accusations. So, we are just telling the public that we will be investigating that accusation.”

Karlovich will take office January 2 and the first council meeting of 2018 will be Monday, January 8. (Sarah Beneck)



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