Tensions grow between North’d Commissioners vs. Coal Township

SUNBURY – As strain grows between Northumberland County and Coal Township, the question of one county commissioners interest in her duty has surfaced.

Tensions between Coal Township and Northumberland County have come about with the Township claiming the County owes an unspecified amount in unpaid expenses. Coal Township has even threatened to shut down the new Northumberland County  prison project if the county doesn’t pay back what they reportedly owe.

Commissioners Rick Shoch and Sam Schiccatano came on WKOK’s On The Mark to address these issues. Commissioner Schiccatano said the county won’t comment on the matter with Coal Township until they talk to the township privately on where they stand.

Commissioner Schiccatano still defended the county and says fellow Commissioner Kymberly Best sides with Coal Township, “If it was the help of the third commissioner we have, who seems to have joined Coal Township 100 percent, her comments seem to have wanted to see our prison project sabotaged. I don’t know what those reasoning’s are.”

Questions have also arisen about whether commissioner Kymberly Best still has interest in her job. Commissioner Rick Shoch says he thinks Best has been taking on other business interests, “Frankly it was then the issue of the salary law suit was going on, and frankly she was actually criticizing us about it. She had actually sent a text which I still have indicating that I’m under extreme pressure.  This is crazy, my Quikbook accounts for my business are suffering, I can’t keep doing this.”

Commissioner Shoch says he doesn’t know if that is the exact reason why Best has been inactive. You can hear more from Commissioners Shoch and Schiccatano on these and other county issues at WKOK.com. (Matt Catrillo)

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