Susquehanna Life Magazine expanding, celebrating 25th anniversary

SUNBURY – A Valley publication is celebrating its 25th anniversary with new features and expansion. Susquehanna Life Magazine is now featuring articles on places within driving distance from the Valley to share what they have to offer.

Publisher Erica Shames joined WKOK Sunrise, “These places are only a two-hour, sometimes a three-hour drive. I think people are willing to travel to not only do things, but to shop. This is just to give people options, and let them know we are a region.”

In its 25 years, the magazine has always been an advocate for what the Valley can offer, especially when it comes to the outdoors.

Shames says promoting getting outdoors to benefit your health has become more emphasized in the latest editions, “Lately, we’ve been on a kick ‘get outdoors, get outdoors.’  I think that’s a theme that will keep presenting itself because there’s so much research, especially very recently, about the correlation of getting outdoors and being happy.”

You can hear more from Shames about Susquehanna Life Magazine from WKOK Sunrise at (Matt Catrillo)

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