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A sit down interview with President Green

New Susquehanna University President Jonathan Green

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SELINSGROVE – There’s a new President in town, and Jonathan Green is about to begin his first academic year at Susquehanna University as their 15th President. Succeeding long-time President L. Jay Lemons, Green says it’s been a smooth transition and he has a lot of respect for all that Lemons and staff has done to ensure it was a good fit.


“I made a comment to Jay that it was a bit daunting to be following someone who had such a long and successful tenure and he said ‘well, I followed someone who had a long and successful tenure too, let’s just consider that it’s a trend.’ So, I’m just going embrace that perspective,” says Green.


Green says it’s been a smooth transition so far and credits Lemons, the Board of Trustees, and staff for all they’ve done to ensure it was a good fit for everyone involved. He says he has a lot of respect for Lemons and his mantra that ‘it’s all about the students.’


“I think it’s very reassuring, if nothing else, that this is an institution that embraces that philosophy  and one where there is an expectation that the President is engaged in the lives of the students on campus. And, of all the traditions, that’s the one that I intend to embrace the most fully.”


August 29th marks the start of classes at SU and Green says his biggest to do list this year is to get to know the institution and community really well, and to do a lot of listening. We will have more from President Green’s interview in upcoming newscasts on WKOK (Sara Lauver)

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