Survivors of Suicide support group comes to Mifflinburg

MIFFLINBURG — A new support group for survivors of suicide is coming to Mifflinburg this month.  Joseph Miller is the with Central Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention talking about the importance of support groups.


Miller said, “We do now have groups in Lock Haven, Williamsport and now in Mifflinburg.  We find that the farther you are away from one of these groups, the less likely opportunity you may have of reaching out to someone to be able to attend one.  So, we are excited to be able to kick off the Mifflinburg one this month.”


Miller said anyone can reach out for help, “The nationwide crisis number is 800-273-TALK.  Anyone with any kind of crisis can call to seek help and they are then able to route that person to the resources that are available in their own local area.  It’s a great resource to have.  We are fortunate that it is there.”


Miller said there can be a stigma associated with those who commit suicide, but that is changing, “Robin Williams was a bit of a game-changer in that regard.  Everyone suddenly realized…wow this could happen to him, the fellow who tried to make us all feel better, and make us laugh… it can happen to anyone.”


You can hear more from Miller on suicide support groups and suicide prevention on WKOK Sunrise online at  (Ali Stevens)

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