Sunbury’s Captain Bennick is captain again, and at his old salary


SUNBURY – Sunbury Police Department Captain Steve Bennick is back on the job as captain, and at his old salary…that statement from the Sunbury City Council Vice President Beth Kremer is the latest in a series of pronouncements about the officer’s rank and salary.

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In the statement today, Kremer said a clerical error, and the fact that the city learned some additional information related to the pending police union grievance, the city felt confident they could keep Bennick as captain, and keep his salary at the higher level. Last week council lowered Bennick’s salary $13,000.


The city apologized to Captain Bennick for the confusion, saying the matter had nothing to do with his performance and everything to do with attempting to settle the two union claims regarding the creation of the captain’s position.


Statement from Elizabeth Kremer, Vice President of City Council, on behalf of the City:


On January 16, 2018, City Council met in executive session to discuss the settlement and litigation options for two Unfair Labor Practice claims brought against the City by the Sunbury Police Officers Association regarding the Captain position within the Sunbury Police Department.  Special Labor Counsel was authorized to attempt settlement of the Union’s claims which would eventually result in the elimination of the captain position.  Upon further review, and with new facts presented conflicting with the union’s Unfair Labor Practice claims, City Council held an additional Executive Session on February 15, 2018 to discuss this ongoing personnel matter.  It was brought to the City’s attention that a clerical error had been made causing Bennick’s reduction in pay.  Based upon the fact that no official action has been taken and Council’s review of additional information that refutes the union’s ULP claims, the settlement offer on the Union claims has been rescinded and Captain Bennick remains in his Captain position with the same pay that he received previously.  The City apologizes to Captain Bennick for the confusion, recognizing that this matter had nothing to do with his performance and everything to do with attempting to settle two Union claims regarding the creation of the Captain position.  The City thanks Captain Bennick for his service to the City and will defend the creation of the captain position against the Union claims. The City will also reaffirm Captain Bennick’s rank as Captain at Council’s next public meeting.

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