Sunbury YMCA renovation half done, fundraising continues

SUNBURY – The sounds of hammering, sawing and workers echoes in the hollowed out locker rooms of the Sunbury YMCA.  The Y is currently in the middle of a large renovation project in the men’s and women’s locker rooms. Wayne Stump, Executive Director of the Sunbury YMCA says, you can still come and workout, play pool, and everything else, but…no shower after your activities, “All of that is still going on. Right now the only thing you can’t do is, there is no place to shower. But we tried to make the best accommodations we could for both men and women to at least change if they want to work out.”


Stump was asked if he thinks the construction effected membership at all, “We’ve noticed a lot of members have changed their schedule so they can still come in and workout which was good. We didn’t lose members, we just had maybe a few members who are going to wait to come back in, but as far as memberships, we didn’t lose any members at all.”


Wayne Stump says all the work will be done in about six weeks and the new lockers should be open by the beginning of 2018, So, the plan is to open the locker rooms for the 1st of the year. Between now and then, what you will see, and I can’t give details as to how much but, we will have new cardio equipment in the fitness center.”


He says the capital campaign for the renovation project has yet to reach its goal of $200,000, and they are still $32,000 short and will gladly accept additional donations. For more information go to

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