Sunbury Flood Department receives award

SUNBURY—The Sunbury Municipal Authority flood control division was recently presented with a national award for their maintenance of Sunbury’s flood protection system. The department received the outstanding flood protection project award for the flood control system.

Jeff Lewis, Flood Control Manager spoke about receiving the award saying, “It’s an award given out semi-annually by the US Army Corps at a state sponsored flood conference where all the flood control projects within the state come together to discuss problems each others have and to give ideas of things to do to improve your system.”

Lewis says Sunbury’s flood project is one of the largest federal flood projects in the state, “Most people see the levee, the wall and the pumping station, well there is also so many things that go into that. We have our own telemetry stations where we monitor all the waterways. Those monitoring station  play an integral role  in deciding on what we do during a high water event. We have a state of the art operation center that we maintain. We have numerous components that are underground that people don’t even see, it’s a very integrate system.”

The Sunbury flood department will be doing some maintenance work on the flood wall this summer. They will be repairing all the joints and minor cracks in the flood wall. (Sarah Benek)

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