Sunbury City Solicitor withdraws after very ‘difficult decision’

SUNBURY— The City of Sunbury has lost its solicitor. Announced Thursday, Brianna Apfelbaum Kula withdrew her law firm, Apfelbaum Kula, Attorneys at Law as City Solicitor for Sunbury. This comes after a large number of legal issues have plagued the city and the city has spent of $300,000 on legal fees in the past year. In March Apfelbaum Kula came to an agreement with the city to cap their rate at $8,000 a month. No word if the rate change or amount of law suits is what prompted the solicitor’s withdraw. You can read the full statement from Brianna Apfelbaum Kula at

“Mike and I have made the difficult decision to withdraw our firm as City Solicitor for Sunbury.  For nearly a decade we have worked alongside three mayors, nine council members, and my father as City Solicitor.  It is not the same City without him, but it has been an honor to follow in his footsteps.  We feel it is time to focus on our next chapter in our professional development and likewise the new administration is ready to move forward in a new direction.  We hope the public officials will work together and join us in finding ways to better the City we treasure.  We trust that Sunbury will be in good hands with its new Solicitor, and we will always be right across Cameron Park should the City ever need anything.”

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