Sunbury approves $4.6 million budget, includes 2-mill tax increase

SUNBURY—As expected, property owners in Sunbury will be seeing a tax increase in 2018. At their meeting Monday night the board approved a 2-mill tax increase to balance their 2018 budget. Outgoing Mayor David Pering says the biggest increase this year is health insurance, “The health insurance is one thing you have no control over so that went up eighteen percent which is somewhere around $150,000, in that range. We have a new police officer we are going to hire, and with all the legal things that are happening now-a-days we had to up that. I think that was $75,000 to $100,000, that was another big thing.”


The nearly $4.6 million budget includes money for upgrades to the cities security cameras and one full-time police officer.  At the meeting the approved the hiring of Michael Mostowy as a full-time police officer.  This is the first time in three year the city needed to raise the property tax. (Sarah Benek)

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