State Rep Keller weighs in on deadline

SUNBURY — PA Governor Tom Wolf has called on Republican House leaders to resolve budget issue or else he will have to put spending on hold after September 15.  Republican State House Representative Fred Keller (R-85th, Kreamer) says the Senate wants to borrow $1.3 billion, and use already allocated money to pay the bill, “They want to use tobacco settlement money to pay for the debt service on that but that money’s already used for other items. I’m not sure what the whole rationale behind that was but I  think it’s just a bad idea to borrow money to cover last year’s expenditures.”

Keller said that Governor Wolf campaigned on his business acumen, so maybe it’s time he uses that knowledge, “He has the ability to manage government within the limit of the bill that was sent to him. If revenues are running lower than expected, you know, the Governor, when he campaigned for this office, told us he is a business man, and he knows how to do that stuff. So in business when your revenues are lagging, you look at your expenditures and you become more efficient.”

House GOP are working to close a $2.2 billion budget gap and are trying to do that without the tax raise proposed by the Senate. A self-described fiscal conservative, Rep. Keller is a member of the state house appropriations committee and has voted ‘no’ on numerous bills which did not address his legislative ideals.  (Christopher Elio)

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