State Police become Ghostbusters at Selinsgrove Center

“Ghost Hunting” could land 10 valley residents in jail

SELINSGROVE – What may have been an interest in the supernatural for 10 valley residents might land them in prison. Charges were filed today against 10 valley residents for burglary, theft, receiving stolen property, criminal trespass, criminal mischief, conspiracy and institutional vandalism.


The 10 accused were said to be “ghost hunting” at the Selinsgrove center. The 10 Valley residents, and 1 Arizona resident, are accused of breaking windows to enter several locked buildings. State police report says that cots belonging to the American Red Cross were stolen from the basement of one of the buildings during these “ghost hunts.”


Brandon Ebright, 33, Selinsgrove, PA

Brandon Gordon, 21, Middleburg, PA

Cody Dauberman, 20, Middleburg, PA

Shayne Masters, 18, Freeburg, PA

Callandra Tomb, 22, Beavertown, PA

Hunter Stanton, 21, Middleburg, PA

Cody Ritter, 21, Kreamer, PA

Katelynn Oldt, 19, New Berlin, PA

Damian Badman, 34, Sunbury, PA

A Known Juvenile, 17, Sunbury, PA

Kyle Derr, 25, Arizona

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