State house member Fred Keller seeks Lewisburg truck compromise

SHAMOKIN DAM – Trying to find a compromise in Lewisburg with all the truck traffic is on the mind of State Representative Fred Keller (R-85th, Kreamer).  He had some suggestions during Friday’s Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce Transportation Committee Meeting.

He said, “Looking at this and all the concerns as far as safety and the economic impact to all the areas…I mean let’s face it, Duke Street in Northumberland has had that traffic for 40 years. They’re set up to handle that truck traffic much better than downtown Lewisburg, where there’s much more pedestrian traffic and you have university students and so on.”

Keller also stressed he is concerned about trucking companies losing money if they can’t make on time deliveries because of all the detours. One suggestion Keller proposed was seeing what can be done to rearrange some of the contracts to keep Route 147 open until the CSVT bridge is completed in 2021.

“If that can’t happen, our next request would be when there’s no construction happening during the winter months, opening the detour during the winter months to allow the trucks to use 147 just like all the other vehicular traffic can” he said.

A meeting was held Thursday between business owners, Valley trucking officials, PennDOT, and Lewisburg borough council to find solutions to the Lewisburg downtown truck traffic concerns. Businesses there say they are losing money because of the gridlock. (Matt Catrillo)

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