Shikellamy graduate a first responder to Las Vegas shooting

LAS VEGAS— A Valley native was on the front edge of the emergency response in Las Vegas last Sunday.  She and other police and first responders in Las Vegas are credited with preventing further loss of life. WKOK spoke with Erin Veronick, a 2008 graduate of Shikellamy High School who is now an EMT in Las Vegas.

Veronick said she just got back into town when she heard the news, “At 10:00 I actually got back in from Seattle, and while I was heading back to my apartment, I got the email about a mass causality incident. So I called in and got my work shirt from my apartment quick, and got there around 10:30.”

Being a first responder in Las Vegas, Veronick says she was surprised how well organized the emergency response was during such a chaotic time.

She said the Las Vegas community has shown an outpouring of support for the victims, “Everybody worked really well together, and since then, our community has come together like crazy. They started doing a fund raiser for all the victim’s families, and within two days, they raised $8 million for it.”

Veronick has been an EMT for six years and says she has seen serious situations. Even so, she says something of this magnitude is one you never think is going to happen in your neighborhood, “I’m used to seeing bodies and everything like that, but not to this scale. It was kind of the reality of it. You see all this stuff happen in other areas and think ‘Oh that’s not going to happen in my area.’”

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