Shikellamy grad & bestselling author speaks at fundraiser

SUNBURY – At a fundraiser Monday night, a Shikellamy grad and now bestselling author shared his remarkable story of surviving death while at war.  Josh Mantz, an Iraq war veteran shared his story about being dead for 15-minutes. He says even in your darkest times overcoming adversity, it’s important to remember there are always other people  there for you, “There is always someone in my life that had the strength and courage to plant healing seeds inside of my mind that would eventually start to grow.”


Manta’s bestselling book recapping his story is titled, “The Beauty of a Darker Soul.” The Shikellamy Honor Society also conducted a successful fundraiser to give every student a copy of Manta’s book. When giving more advice of overcoming the most difficult adversity, Mantz says discipline is key, “We integrate discipline-wellness practices into our lives, patrolling the things that we can, we maintain the courage to constantly seek to resolve our prior experiences.”


The event took place Monday at Shikellamy High School with proceeds benefitting Parent to Parent Connections of Northumberland County.

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