Seven Valley business benefit from DEP grant


HARISSBURG – About a half dozen Valley businesses have received DEP grants to help them reduce their carbon footprint.  The state DEP says through the 2017 Small Business Advantage Grant $1million dollars has been awarded to 155 small businesses statewide. Locally, seven businesses benefitted from the grant, which helped with the cost of lighting upgrades, with the goal to reduce cost, energy consumption and waste.

The head of the DEP says the grants helped small businesses cut their expenses, assist in reducing or eliminating their environmental impact, and allowed them to be more competitive.  He said projects included installing LED lighting, and various HVAC upgrades.

Pike Rite Inc., an innovated global manufacturer of farm equipment located in Union County matched the $7,000 grant with over $14,000 of private investment.  They said they bought new, energy efficient lighting and cut their electric consumption over 54 percent.

MMJJ Inc. Winnie the Pooh Daycare and Pre-school LED Lighting Upgrade $3,448 $3,447 Northumberland
Susquehanna Fire Equipment Co LED Lighting Upgrade $2,021 $2,020 Northumberland
Wee Ones Childcare And Preschool HVAC Upgrade $4,440 $4,440 Northumberland
Architectural Precast Innovations Inc LED Lighting Upgrade $3,412 $2,493 Snyder
Timberhaven Log Homes, LLC LED Lighting Upgrade $5,012 $7,000 Snyder
Bucks Service LLC LED Lighting Upgrade $4,426 $4,175 Union
Pik Rite Inc LED Lighting Upgrade $14,282 $7,000 Union


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