September’s Lake Augusta Wine and Beer Festival is more than just drinking

SUNBURY – I bet you thought beer was just an amber liquid and some foam? If you ask someone who has been to September’s Sunbury Revitalization Inc. Lake Augusta Wine and Beer Festival, you may learn differently. Cory Fasold, volunteer and past president of SRI, “Beer goes a lot of different directions. So in the last 10 years we’ve really developed what is beer. Beer is technically something that is brewed, where when you go to wine, it’s fermented.”

That distinction has opened the world of “beer” up to varieties of teas, sodas, seltzers, and even bloody Mary style beer.

Fasold describes the scene at the Wine and Beer Festival on Lake Augusta, “When you walk up over the little hill there at the river, and look down, it’s amazing. All you see is a lot of pop-up tents, crowd of people, and you look at a beautiful river, and the venue can’t get any better than what you look at.”

Some of the confirmed vendors for this year are Sandcastle Winery, Molly Pitcher Brewing, and Seven Mountains Wine Cellar.  Dawn Marie Benfer, co-chair of the Sunbury River Festival and SRI volunteer, “These folks have been with us for the last 4 years. So you must know we’re doing something right, since they’re coming back.”

The Lake Augusta Wine and Beer Festival will take place on September 16, from 1-5pm. Tickets are $35 for admission, a glass for wine and beer sampling and live entertainment; food vendors will be there selling food separately. You can purchase tickets at Brewers Outlet, Weis Market and  Proceeds help support Sunbury Revitalization Inc. (Christopher Elio)

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