Preview of Upcoming WKOK Sunrise and On The Mark

WKOK Sunrise, Monday, June 25, 2018:

5:00am to 7:00am: This Morning, America’s First News with Gordon Deal. Show topics include:

  • States are licking their chops over the potential for new online sales tax revenue thanks to new powers handed to them by the Supreme Court. What are their plans for the money, and how soon will they begin collecting?
  • Also, what airlines are doing with all the data they have on us.
  • And doing a mid-year assessment on your finances.

7:10am: Daniel Berard, Mayor, Borough of Northumberland, and Kim King, member Northumberland/Point Township Kiwanis Club, on the upcoming festival, the road work during the festival, and what’s new at the landmark fun festival in Northumberland and Point Township.

On The Mark with co-host Joe McGranaghan:

8:30am to 10:00am:  We won’t argue about immigration. Okay, we will.

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