Possible record-breaker in weather this week

STATE COLLEGE – Some ups and downs in the weather forecast this week. Accuweather’s Bill Deger says a warm front is coming to our area that will send temperatures into the 70’s mid-week.

“In the wake of that warm front, and as the jet stream shifts further north, we’ll get some of that warmer air from our south…Wednesday, we may break a record high in the area”.

Deger says normal highs for this time of year are closer to the 40 degree mark, but it’s also a time of year where weather can be very volatile. February and March tend to see some wild swings in temperatures over the course of a few days.

“It’s definitely more extreme than we’ve seen in the past several years. We’ve seen these temperatures, those record highs, warming more in the past decade or two. It certainly will be a big change in the week ahead for the new week. But, I should caution, don’t get used to it because it cools back down on Thursday towards the end of the week”. (Sara Lauver)

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