Point Township adding sixth police officer, expanding department

POINT TOWNSHIP—Point Township is one of the only local township police departments running 24/7 coverage with just five full-time officers. After making room in this year’s budget the department is currently looking to hire a sixth officer, “One of the changes we have coming up in 2018 here is a very long overdue growth. We were approved and did some pretty aggressive contract work last year to make some room in the budget for a sixth full-time police officer.”

Josh VanKirk, Point Township police chief says they want add another officer to ease the work load off the rest of the department. He says, policing is not as popular these days and it has been difficult to find the right applicant. Chief VanKirk says now more than ever they need the very best officers applying, “One of the great things we were able to do it open up our contract to laterals  which means you can bring your experience with you and get paid for that experience. So, that is an opportunity that is at our agency right now and until January 29 you can come and pick up an application.”


Interested applicants can pick up an application at the Point Township Police station. You can hear more from Chief VanKirk from his WKOK Sunrise interview at WKOK.com.

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