“Plants are Cool Too” says Bucknell professor

SUNBURY – Plants are cool? Christopher Martine, professor of plant genetics and research, at Bucknell University says they are, and he told WKOK this past week about his web series, ‘Plants are Cool Too.’ “A lot people know a lot about animals, and kids grow up saying they love nature and there’s a lot of content out there for them to learn about animals, but not a lot about plants that’s not a gardening show.”

Martine, who is the curator at the Manning Herbarium on campus says his shows also highlight the scientists who work with these great plants, “The idea is to highlight really cool stories about plants and often highlight the scientists that are doing the work on these plants.”

There are currently 10 episodes of ‘Plants are Cool,’ on YouTube, including one which focuses on Northumberland County’s Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area.  You can hear more from Professor Martine at WKOK.com.

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