PHOTOS HERE: PennDOT top boss visits CSVT bridge site

PennDOT Secretary Leslie Richards visits the CSVT bridge construction site in Winfield. From left to right, John Beauge (Patriot/, Mark Lawrence (WKOK), Sec. Richards, and PennDOT’s Ted Deptula.

SHAMOKIN DAM – A quick progress report from the boss Tuesday, the state secretary of transportation Leslie Richards visited the CSVT bridge construction site in Winfield.

Leslie S. Richards, PennDOT secretary, told several reporters, the project has been a long time coming, “It has been a long journey, from the time decades ago when this improvement was first envisioned, through the planning, design and construction of what now stands as the largest capacity adding project we are doing anywhere in the state.”

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Richards boasted about the effect the CSVT project will have on The Valley once completed, “Once completed, it will close a long standing gap in the US 15 North/South corridor, and help this area continue to be an attractive place to live and learn, She noted that they are arguing internally about whether or not to open the northern section of the highway—which will be done in a few years, before the southern section is ready—that is still being designed.”

The CSVT project, which began in January of 2015, is expected to have its southern section completed in 2024. (Christopher Elio)


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