Parts of Duke Street set to re-open before Thanksgiving

NORTHUMBERLAND – Despite a delay, we are getting closer to parts of Duke Street re-opening. PennDOT spokesman Dave Thompson tells WKOK Duke Street is expected to re-open November 22. Currently, a detour takes vehicles to King and Queen Street to bypass a closed section of Duke Street. The truck detour however, will remain in place for two more years.

For this week, drainage work will take place between Fifth and Seventh Streets. New curbing will also be installed between Seventh and Eighth Streets. Both projects will be performed Monday through Saturday.

Pavement restoration will be done between Second and Third Streets Monday through Friday. Gas line relocation on Front Street will be worked on between B Street and A Street Monday through Thursday.   More pavement restoration will be done Monday through Friday between Sheetz Avenue and King Street.   All detours remain the same. (Matt Catrillo)

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