Rep. Keller: GOP legislators share partial blame for Penna. low ranking

SUNBURY—  The yearly fight over the budget, Pennsylvania’s poor credit rating, and high unemployment rates makes Pennsylvania one of the worst run states in America, so says a new poll. But why is Harrisburg so dysfunctional? This was the question brought up on WKOK’s On The Mark Thursday.

State representative  Fred Keller (R-85th, Kreamer) called in to try to answer that question, “I think it comes down to individual members that say one thing in their district and then come down to Harrisburg and behave a different way, and I say that because people will come back and say I am a fiscal conservative, I am all these things and then on June 29 they cast a vote to spend money with no idea of where we are going to get it. That to me is inconsistent, that’s not leadership 98%  of republicans voted for that.”

Pennsylvania’s credit rating hit its lowest point in 39 years during the heat of this year’s budget stalemate, and we are one of three states in the US with no money in savings.   Rep. Keller says the lawmakers need to be held accountable for their actions in Harrisburg.


He said, “During the last budget debacle trying to come up with cash because we spent money we didn’t have, we considered a hotel tax, we considered a warehouse tax, we should change our state motto to ‘Welcome to Pennsylvania…boy have we got a tax for you.’  I say that tongue and cheek, but if we want good government we need to be held accountable and I welcome that (effort) every day.”


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