Organic Farm near Sunbury using sustainable agriculture

SUNBURY – With growing concerns about harmful chemicals used in the farming, a farm near Sunbury is showing people the benefits of a sustainable farm.  Owens Farm, is a teaching farm, is open to the public,  is an organic farm, using the principles of sustainable agriculture.

Caroline Owens, co-owner, reflects on why she started this life on the farm. “Looking back, that was the beginning of the sustainable ag movement. You never know when history is happening, but that’s what was happening, because this goes back to the 90’s. So what we are doing now is just a magnified version of that. I think we all want our daily efforts to be meaningful, and what we’re doing, feeding people, is still, after all these years, really meaningful and it gives us a great deal of satisfaction.”

Owens says that being organic is a very important principle of the farm, “We began this when we had our own babies. I don’t think I ever thought about nutrition until we had babies, and that just changed everything. That’s when we started raising animals for ourselves.”

The full interview with Caroline Owens will air on WKOK’s Sunrise next week. Owens Farm is open to the public seasonally. For more information on the farm go to (Christopher Elio)

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