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WKOK Sunrise, Thursday, August 16, 2018:

5:00am to 7:00am: This Morning, America’s First News with Gordon Deal. Show topics include:

  • If Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is approved by the Senate, his position on the high court would mean a victory for a certain constituency. We’ll explain.
  • Also, new on campuses this fall: students and faculty learning civil discourse. Hear how it’s being taught.
  • And the growing number of people who skip summer vacations.

7:10am: Sierra Woodling, Executive Director, Sunbury Revitalization Incorporated, on the 2018 River Festival, the new events, the updates on the boat parade and cardboard boat regatta, the new River Festival App, and other updates.

On The Mark with co-host Joe McGranaghan:

8:30am to 9:00am: Open phones. We’ll wrap up our discussion of the state Grand Jury on child sex abuse in the Catholic Church, and we’ll hear from….

9:06am to 9:16am: Dr. Nicole Quinlan, Psychologist, Child Advocacy Center, Geisinger, on child sexual assault, the lasting impacts, and the latest on treating survivors.

9:16am to 10:00am: Back to open phones. We’ll have updates on water, roads, River Festival and many other topics.

Listen to past Shows

Mark Lawrence and Joe McGranaghan talk traffic–traffic is backed up for miles trying to get through Sunbury because of the Route 15 closure.  We discuss the CSVT project, the crane mishap, the PennDOT response, and traffic volumes in Sunbury. Then we discussed the PA grand jury presentment regarding child sexual assault in the Catholic church.  We discussed the heinous crimes, cover-ups and the lack of punishment for the incidents. We talked about the AG’s remarks and the Harrisburg Diocese response.

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Mark Lawrence and Joe McGranaghan host open phones and spend 90-minutes talking about town hall meetings, US Cong. Lou Barletta’s decision not to hold open meetings, and his decision to hold only invite or GOP only meetings. We also discussed one non-GOP woman who was asked to leave a closed GOP only campaign stop in Lewisburg this week.

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Mark Lawrence and Joe McGranaghan spend the 90-minutes discussing, and arguing, about the President’s remarks about the white supremacist rally, the media coverage of it, the push-back and counter protests, antifa, and other aspects of the nation’s racial issues. US Congressman Lou Barletta, who is running for US Senate, calls in to discuss his campaign, President Trump, Sen. Casey, immigration and other topics.

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Mark Lawrence hosts guests Jordi Comas (Lewisburg Borough council member, local Democratic and Progressive activist and author of Lewisburg’s proposed Non-Discrimination Ordinance), and Matt Ostrowsky (Lewisburg/East Buffalo Township State Farm agent, outspoken Conservative leader) on Lewisburg’s NDO, now called Lewisburg’s Human Relations Commission. We talked about the cancelled meeting, the many changes in the ordinance and how people can read the proposed law (wait until it is unveiled to the public).

Denny Wolff, US Congressional candidate, Democrat, 9th District, was invited to call in and talk about his tariff’s remarks this week. Many farmers are hurt by President Trump’s tariffs, he said.

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Mark Lawrence and Joe McGranaghan host a 90-minute discussion about free speech. After Alex Jones and Louis Farrakhan had posts pulled down from FB and YT.  So, we talked about…what happened to free speech if hateful, offensive speech, and be removed from a website. Joe argued–all free speech should be permitted, and Mark conceded that point, but said they are primarily businesses–and the bottom line determines their behavior. Numerous calls, emails and texts.

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Mark Lawrence and Joe McGranaghan start out discussing the tragically violent weekend recently in Chicago where gun violence claimed nearly a dozen lives, and many more were injured by gunfire. The comparison between Chicago and New York was discussed with things like the number of foot patrols, detectives and mayoral oversight listed as key differences. Also, NYC has many more officers per person than Chicago.  The show ends with a story about a judge who won’t allow transgender teens to change their name until they are 18.

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Mark Lawrence and Joe McGranaghan have two simultaneous topics underway: President Trump, his policies, his behavior, his popularity and his supporters. And, the Catholic church, the sexual abuse scandal, cover up and recent pronouncements.

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Mark Lawrence and Joe McGranaghan (c-hosts) are back together for more arguing–but find themselves precariously in agreement on the collusion Trump/Russia/campaign discussion. While neither likes the President’s behavior, illegality requires a higher threshold. Several emailers and callers assured them that the president did break the law, and an arrest was imminent.

We also discussed the Democratic party’s move to the left, to more socialistic policies.

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Mark Lawrence hosts the Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce day on WKOK, discussing the latest jobless numbers, and the ways The Valley is addressing the workforce initiatives. Guest co-host Taylor Lightman, with guests: Robert Garrett, President and CEO GSVCC, and John Uehling, Chairman GSVCC, and Dr. Jonathan Green, President of Susquehanna University.

The conversation started with reaction to the jobless numbers (3.9%, down from 4.0%, and the 62.9% LPR)| then we discussed the many efforts to help people find family sustaining jobs locally, and to help employers find suitable employees. We discussed ‘start-ups’ and entrepreneurs too.

Then during open phones, we discussed our divided nation, President Donald J. Trump’s remarks vs. the media last night, and other related topics. Finally, we met ‘Clayton’ who is Taylor’s mother, and we discussed Taylor’s last day on the radio for a while (he’s going to school).

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Mark Lawrence hosts a one-on-one interview with Dr. Jennifer Rager-Kay who is running for state house in the 85th district. The format–a predetermined number of questions over 45-minutes of airtime. The same questions and airtime will be provided to her opponent in the fall election. During open phones, we discuss prevailing wage, clarifying Dr. Rager-Kay’s observations about recreational marijuana and other related topics.

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