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WKOK Sunrise, Friday, October 19, 2018:


5:00am to 7:00am: This Morning, America’s First News with Gordon Deal. Show topics include:


  •  The Senate races where candidates are stoking their bases over the confirmation process for new Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.
  • Also, the latest target for thieves: airbags. Find out why they want them, what they’re doing with them, and the vehicles they’re targeting the most.
  • And tips for surviving the longest flight in the world.


7:10am: Bobby Hughes, Executive Director, Eastern Pennsylvania Coalition for Abandoned Mine Reclamation, on the ‘town in transition’ that is Centralia. Rogue citizens hope it stays a dark tourist site, covered with graffiti and used as a free garbage dumping ground. But EPCAMR has a different vision, it could even become a park. He’ll talk about a big clean-up being held this weekend, and their vision for the future Centralia (Encore…Recorded).


7:40am: Movie Mike McGranaghan, professional movie critic, author and ‘women in cinema’ advocate, with this review of ‘First Flag’ and he’ll have words about new movies. He’ll have entertainment news, including an American flag controversy with the movie, along with an effort to turn ‘Cats’ into a movie, and the Critic’s Choice nominees..

On The Mark with co-host Ben Reichley:


8:30am to 9:00am: Dan Meuser, US Congressional candidate, 9th district, on his campaign, the issues, and his opponent.

9:00am to 10:00am:  Open phones…

Listen to past Shows

Joe McGranaghan and guest co-host Steve Kusheloff argue about President Trump, Jamal Khashoggi, immigration, the Honduran caravan coming toward the US, and a wide range of other topics.

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Mark Lawrence and Joe McGranaghan discuss the recalcitrant legislature unwilling to act on the Catholic Church legislative child sexual abuse measures, and the the narcisistic tendencies of President Trump. One local resident, whose daughter worked for the Trump family, says he is a very nice man and is not like he is being described. We also talked about our compromised privacy in this world.

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Mark Lawrence and Joe McGranaghan talk about the interviews lately with Hilary Clinton, Melania Trump and Pres. Trump. We discuss the media slant, the hypocrisy and people’s reactions to their remarks. Also, state Attorney General Josh Shapiro, and a letter for Catholics.

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This program was a broadcast of the candidates debate held recently by the Susquehanna Valley Conservatives. You can hear the entire debate here

Mark Lawrence and co-host Ben Reichley talk about the Shikellamy/Southern Columbia football game, the SCA football team’s success, and athletics vs. academics. Then we discuss the President’s meeting with Kanye West, why some conservatives don’t recognize objective media any longer and topics related to Justice Kavanaugh.

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Mark Lawrence and Joe McGranaghan host democratic US congressional candidate Denny Wolff, who is seeking to beat Dan Meuser in the 9th district congressional race. We talk budgets, abortion, death penalty and gun control.  Then during open phones, we discussed the accomplishments, and misdeeds of US President Donald John Trump, including the 22 women who have accused him of inappropriate behavior, and his many accomplishments as president. Hilary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Justice Kavanaugh and several key leaders were talked about.

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Mark Lawrence and Joe McGranaghan discuss the fate of US Sen. Heidi Keitcamp, as well as more of the Justice Kavanaugh fall out. Then native Americans, Chief Wahoo, Columbus Day, Christopher Columbus and enslaving natives.

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Mark Lawrence and Joe McGranaghan the candidate’s debate last night, pitting incumbent Republican Fred Keller and Democratic challenger Dr. Jennifer Rager-Kay, in front of 350 at the Susquehanna Valley Conservatives meeting. We discussed their strong performance points, and their weaknesses. We also discussed some democrats threatening the life of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and talked about democrat’s hypocrisy when it comes to Bill Clinton’s misdeeds.

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Mark Lawrence and Joe McGranaghan resume arguing about the voting for, swearing in, and the future tenure of US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. We talked about the vote Saturday afternoons, the reaction and protests Sunday, and many arguments and discussions which are ongoing. We received numerous phone calls, emails and texts.

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Mark Lawrence and guest co-host Ben Reichley host the Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce monthly panel discussion on the latest jobless numbers, participation rate and wage increase. We talked about the national numbers as well as the local numbers, trends and jobs available. Then Sam Haulman, General Manager, Service Electric Cablevision, talked about running high speed internet into the rural parts of The Valley, and the challenges keeping internet connected to many businesses.

During open phones. we discussed the Judge Brett Kavanaugh vote today and the three week process which has led to this day.

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