Not too much concern from plant experts

MIDDLEBURG – A lot of gardeners are wondering if we should take action to protect tender plants this weekend. AccuWeather forecasts temperatures in the teens on Friday and Saturday night. One expert says they don’t worry too much about temps in the teens.

Darlene Engle of Engle’s Greenhouses in Middleburg, says unless we get near zero temperatures, we should be fine, “As far as the bulb plants, the tulips, the hyacinths, the crocuses, I don’t feel that there’s any problem because they will do fine with the temperatures going up and down. Also, the day lilies, they are starting to sprout too. Those are plants that will do fine.”

She said in many ways, the cold weather makes plants hardier, and protecting plants can weaken them in the long run, the plants could actually become dependent on being protected from the wind and cold.

Engle said there are some sensitive plants, but at the greenhouse, they are undeterred. “I do know, like the Japanese Maples, they do not like it. That would be something that really could use some protection. Or the real expensive peonies. But we’re soon going to be putting out our shrubs, I mean this week we are actually putting out our blueberries and our raspberries and our boxwoods.”

She said fruit trees and some other plants can suffer some damage, but they may bounce back as spring progresses.

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