Commissioners: Northumberland County will sue Coal Township

SUNBURY – The Northumberland County Commissioners didn’t get the response they wanted from Coal Township, which was proof the price the township charged the county for the permitting of the new prison was equal to the amount it cost the township.

County Commissioner, Rick Shoch says permitting should not cost almost a quarter of a million dollars, “It’s a well established body of case law they cannot charge absorptive fees like this, you know we are talking about a quarter of a million dollars for something that’s really probably going to be a couple thousand dollars they will be able to charge.”

Commissioners Shoch and Schiccatano are accusing the township of price gouging when it comes to the cost of a more than $200,000 building permits for the new county prison.


Coal Township had until Wednesday evening to provide proof that price gouging was not taking place. In a statement issued Wednesday, county commissioners state they have heard no legally defensible reason for the permit fees. They say when tow governmental bodies disagree, they must turn to the courts to make a determination.

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