Noise and other concerns discussed at latest CSVT meetings 

SHAMOKIN DAM – Residents in Shamokin Dam voiced their concerns about noise and other topics during the latest CSVT meetings this week. Meetings were held this week for residents in the Orchard Hills, Weatherfield and Gunter developments…and then for residents along Sunbury Road between Park and Fisher Road.

When addressing noise concerns, PennDOT Assistant Plans Engineer Matt Beck reassured residents noise barriers are being installed, “We showed where preliminary noise barrier locations are planned to be. We answered questions about what the limits of those noise barriers are and what the process is for finalizing the design of those noise barriers.”

Some residents continue to have traffic concerns with the planned Courtland Drive connector planned to be built over the Route 61 connector tying the Orchard Hills and Gunter developments together…some even suggesting it doesn’t need to be built.

But Beck says this was always part of the design, “That’s always been part of the project to tie those two neighborhoods together. Again, the Orchard Hills neighborhood is a second-access out in case the Baldwin Boulevard entrance and exit would be closed. It would give access from the Orchard Hills neighborhood to the parks that are located in the southern part of the borough. And ultimately, it’s something that Borough Council strongly supports.”

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