No railroad crossings will be closed in Sunbury

SUNBURY— The city of Sunbury will not go through  with closing three railroad crossings in the city. Mayor David Persing brought it up at the council meeting Monday night and but a motion before the council died for lack of a ‘second.’

Mayor Persing says the deal was a win-win for the city, “I spent about a year and a half working with the railroad. The federal government’s mandating that they’re going to do things at these crossings. We had the opportunity for $200,000 of unattached money. To me it was a win-win situation for the city. They were going to build a street that would’ve connected Church with Penn Street. It would’ve cost the city nothing.”

Norfolk Southern Railroad proposed to close the crossings at Linden Street, Church Street and Woodlawn Avenue. In addition to $200,000, the city would have received, almost 2 acres of land would be given up by the railroad.

Mayor Persing says the money would have gone for building new police station, “We’re anticipating about a half a million dollars for a police station. With the money we would’ve had in the budget plus this, we would’ve had $275-250,000…something like that. We had better than half of it to put that in there but I don’t what’s going to happen. I’ll probably make another proposal.”

Persing says he will propose a solution for a new police station at the December 11 meeting which is his last council meeting as Mayor of Sunbury. (Sarah Benek)

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